Glistening airwaves summit within the new synth-pop anthem, this is Muchacho with “Discoqwean”

From the suburbs of Florida, Muchacho are a trio that blend a luxurious cocktail of new wave into synth pop. Taking the retro option of recording, the collective self record and self produce their music in a home studio. Bringing the old school flavouring back to our ears and screens in “Discoqwean”, this is a band that will fog your aura with nostalgic airwaves.

Buried under a killer groove, the guitars bathe in an angelic reverb, while the synths are prominently in your face. As for the vocals, there’s many memorable melodies that will bring a smile to your face.  Overall, the mix is very colourful. It will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to party.

“Discoqwean is an anthemic dystopian synthpop song that fuses chimy guitars of the Smiths and early-U2 vocals. From the opening line to the aching bridge featuring juicy synths and the occasional bird sound Muchacho explores the mental overload that plagues the Digital Age. In the trenches of the “echo chamber” (i.e. social media) where those with internet access share their opinion and swift judgments, the singer absolves himself from the slew of exterior life expectations: Who are you? / It’s anything you want to / We wanted love and all we got were people talking at us.”