With the flick of a ‘Coin Toss’, Mt. Mural’s new single is undoubtably going to get you to grooving along to it in no time.

Identifying as the kind of music that you’d put on if your friend handed you the aux lead, Mt. Mural are an infectious indie rock collective. Originating from Gilbert in Arizona, “Coin Toss” is the first single to be released from their upcoming album “Bolt From The Blue”. Defining that the track was a some sort of healing process for the band, it’s just that for us too. Therapeutic but with the ability to rock your socks off, the new single is excellent. 

Complimented with a brush of indie blues, the gritty tune embraces many different rhythmical paths. A whole bag full of influences, the stylish track is a hit that will sit right at the front of Mt. Mural’s discography. We spoke to the band and they mentioned the following on the track;

Coin Toss was written at a time when I (Adam) was in a very cyclical pattern of trying to be my best self. Then comes the self-loathing for not “achieving that” and just going through that sort of inner struggle. But then I woke up one morning distinctly aware of the beautiful world around me, and I was filled with immense gratitude. In that moment I realised how my “cycle” could be stopped. By practicing gratitude and awareness more often, even when I feel hopeless. That’s why in the song when I ask “I wonder if today’s my day?”, the coin toss doesn’t say heads or tails, it shouts “Yes!”.