Accompanied by Laraw, Minthi’s debut single ‘Stay’ shines a hopeful nature throughout it’s core

Coated in a lo-fi reverb, Minthi’s first offering is a peaceful electronic pop number called “Stay”. Featuring Laraw on vocals, the ethereal number draws in a sense of nostalgia to the arrangement. Longing for better days to come and hoping that things may change, the track is a strong motivator to work past the hard times. Bringing you up to speed, Minthi is french producer and engineer. Serenading listeners with a killer production, if upcoming releases are anything like “Stay”, Minthi’s career will blossom into something hugs. 

“Stay” conveys a message of hope . “No matter how hard it gets, you need to be strong . And being strong for me , was accepting that i wasn’t feeling good and it wasn’t my fault . I am who i am . And i deserve to live and stay” states Minthi.

Wrapped up in a calming structure, the soundscape that the two produce in the tune feels like we’ve been transported into a moving image/film. Bringing a sense of vision to the audio, the number has a sense of a multi-culture understanding. Feeling like comfort within a dark time, it’s relatable for a lot of people out there struggling. Not many songs nowadays features a hope based sentiment, but Minthi’s message is one that will be spread worldwide. A wonderful track that draws you in closer.