Returning with the latest single “Song About Lovers”, Mikey Martin is here to stay

After the huge success from his debut single “Taste of You”, Mikey Martin returns with the honest “Song About Lovers”. Blending a singer songwriter style with a grit filled soul wonder, the new single is one to make your eyes shape to love hearts. Doing what it says directly on the tin, the new single is a song simply about lovers, or in Mikey’s case ‘‘The song is about an ex of mine. It’s a bit of a throwback Motown vibe, like a classic love song but lyrically the opposite.’

It’s like Tom Misch had a positive jam with the musical mind of Jamie Cullum. Mixing a wide range of influences, we’re really liking how Mikey brings his own unique songwriting ability to the table. Good use of different chord changes makes the track feel slightly more jazz inspired than soul. Intricate but with a deep personal meaning, this track is being placed on my playlist as soon as it’s released.

Listen to the wishful thinking number and float to the love hearted clouds above…