Brooklyn duo Me Not You are a band on the rise. Over the past year they have amassed fans, received critical acclaim and seen tracks top Spotify playlists. Therefore we jumped at the opportunity to premiere their latest track ‘Julia’!

Here at Born Music we have featured tracks by ‘Me Not You’ before and we love them, but they are a bugger to define. With a style straddling sound which encompasses psych, electro and pop; they could be for fans of Rihanna, Tame Impala, Nirvana or Bleached. Their latest track ‘Julia’ continues to give genres the middle finger, but also (despite the black and white imagery) gives more colour to this band.

Despite the boundary pushing sound, the track is first and foremost extremely personal. In an exclusive, the band described ‘Julia’ as:

“…a letter to a friend, a record of words unsaid. I still can
see her laughing in the sun, but the vision of her is fading away”.

No matter how wild the instrumentation gets, it always leads back to the private and poignant chorus where the lead singer returns each time with added emotion. In the track’s thundering conclusion she shouts:


“just pull yourself together Julia,
you’re killing yourself and it’s time to wake up”

But the simplicity of the emotions expressed in the track and its relatively straightforward structure is contrasted by the craziness of the sound. Opening with crunching guitars and electronic drums, swirling effects gradually infiltrate the mix and mix perfectly with the vocal line. In a similar vein to Kevin Parker’s use of Kylie Minogue style hooks on ‘Lonerism’, ‘Me Not You’ combine psych guitars with pop phrasing. Once they hit the bridge, synths are thrown into the song adding a new, if retro, feel, which makes us doubly excited for this band’s upcoming U.S. tour supporting Gary Numan.

Overall this is an exciting track from an incredibly exciting band. We can’t wait to see what the future will hold!