The dynamic sibling duo get sentimental over autumnal romance…

Los Angeles duo Mating Ritual are not ones to rest on their laurels. It doesn’t seem like five minutes since they released their second album Light Myself on Fire earlier this year. Now they are gearing up for their next incarnation with brand new outing ‘October Lover’.

No strangers to wearing their influences on their sleeves, ‘October Lover’ sees the dynamic sibling duo – Taylor and Ryan Marshall Lawhon – get sentimental over autumnal romance. Imbued with warm synth tones, lush guitar work and a spritely drumbeat, the track is underpinned by 80s nostalgia at its core. It shows a different side to the band following the buoyant, indie rock sound of their recent LP, switching their swagger and knowingly playful tendencies for a more earnest vibe, all without losing their feel good nature.

“Following the release of our sophomore album Light Myself On Fire in May of this year, we hit the road and wrote our entire third album before the end of summer,” share the duo. “While the album is slated for release in March 2019, this song felt too good not to release in time for Halloween. With fall actually making an appearance this year in LA, ‘October Lover’ is for that day where you can’t make up your mind if you’re ready to cozy up with mulled wine or get in one last poolside margarita, or both.”

‘October Lover’ is out 25th October on Smooth Jaws.