Stepping up into the world with her third release of the year, Maria Neckam is “Happier” than ever

Vienna born, Brooklyn based songwriter Maria Neckam sits comfortably within the indie-pop category. Returning with her third single of the year, “Happier” drops tomorrow worldwide. Taken off her upcoming fourth album The Leap, the  track shows themes of having a complete fresh start when it wasn’t expected. Inspired from unexpected heartbreak, the track shows a sense of empowerment and self love.

“This whole album is the aftermath of me hitting the reset button in my life. I got out of a long relationship and vowed to never repeat the same pattern again. I also decided that my music would change and embarked on a new journey, looking to live more true to myself than ever. “Happier” is about what always comes after taking that step out of your comfort zone: the struggle. Broker than ever, beginning again, I learned what it means to have real problems. That kind of anxiety when you took a big risk and its very possible that you might fail, epically. What I learned is that amidst that kind of struggle, that is where you find true happiness. When you stand up and fight for what you believe in, with no guarantee, you experience the true power of your life” says Maria.

“Happier than ever” is a powerful goodbye to the heartbreak that cause this pain. As an arrangement, it’s fast paced and showcases Maria’s versatility mixing experimental indie with pop. You can hear classic artists such as Fiona Apple and Liz Phair as an influence through Maria’s voice. A sense of nostalgia summits the air with a calming hand gesture (could be a middle fingers up, could be a wave goodbye, up to you!) to the past. Aiming towards the future with a sense of relief, this songwriter deserves to be number one globally. 

Listen to the wonderfully crafted track exclusively below.