Electrifying his way straight to the heart, Margot Polo returns with the exhilarating “Electric Girl”

Southern California based Margot Polo is no stranger to the ever-growing music scene. A favourite at Born Music, the solo project of David Provenzano continues to evolve and shape shift into a rose. Blossoming through every performance, the songwriter returns with ‘Electric Girl’. Set to release a new EP worldwide tomorrow, we also have an exclusive into the EP titled “OOHYEAHYEAH” too. Mixed by LA veteran producer Brad Wood, the electronic pop sound defines Margot Polo’s music only slightly.

Margot Polo stated: “Electric Girl is a feel-good, euphoric dance floor track that channels what it’s like to become immediately entranced by someone you just met— it’s out of control, but exhilarating”

A blissful soundscape as a whole, ‘Electric Girl’ identifies as a synth heaven. Capturing the purity that lingers in pop music, the electronic based number draws influence from artists such as The Weekend, Justin Timberlake and Glass Animals. Holding onto happy moments, the EP is a sort of escapism stated David. About the different ways, healthy and unhealthy, that we yearn to transcend reality. As for lyrically, the EP overall isn’t autobiographical, they’re fantasy which is David’s own preferred escapism. 

You can also listen exclusively to the EP below!