There’s no fault in the lines of Marek Kubala’s latest indie-pop single

Marking the second release from East London based Marek Kubala, “Fault Lines” is set to drop worldwide tomorrow via Capiroto Records. Marking a change of stigma, Marek’s sound has progressed in many ways since his acclaimed debut EP “Awhile”. With influences from artists such as Courtney Bartnett, Whitey, The B-52’s and Nirvana, the latest single uplifts any mood with it’s desirable nature.

“I usually write psychedelic acoustic songs like on the Awhile EP but had an urge to do something different for the followup, more energetic and upbeat, a bit punky. I wrote Fault Lines which has a loose theme of technology going wrong. I tried to keep the sound quite raw and not too polished. People tell me it reminds them of different bands – Beck, B-52s, Modern Lovers, The Strokes – who are all great although I wasn’t particularly thinking of any of them at the time” stated Marek.

Infectious and creating an indie-pop soundscape, there’s hidden electronic grooves that give the song that extra quirkiness. Soon to gain worldwide recognition from this glistening track, “Fault Lines” will bounce around your head  for weeks to come. A wild, contagious melody lingers throughout it’s core, and Marek has created a journey of colourful imagery.