Feel comforted in this “Lonely World” with Macy Todd and her enchanting new number

Macy Todd sustains a soulful yet vulnerable performance in her transcending new track “Lonely World”. Pulling you in with each listen, the sensitivity of the number showcase the young songwriter in simply her natural habitat. Captivating with a delicate vocal tone, the powerhouse that sits behind her vocals before they erupt are simply breathtaking. Behind her sits over 2 million streams on streaming sites and a songwriting gift that’s not only personal but completely honest with every word. 

“Lonely World, proves that a timeless lyric, a tender love story, and a little teen angst can coexist. “You came along and you set me free/ note by note and piece by piece… we are living in a lonely world, but it’s my heart you’re stealing…” the staggering melodies, romantic synths, and punchy baseline feel something like a Feist/Hayley Williams/Brandi Carlile love child.” 

Influenced from what sounds like Imogen Heap and Regina Spektor, Macy’s songwriting in this tune is completely mesmerising. What draws you in further is how comfortable the arrangement is, even while it builds into a dynamic epic piece. Featuring one of the most infectious hook lines of the year, the production gels each instrument so you can even visual the sound wave. Even though it’s telling us a story of a ‘Lonely World’, you’ll feel warm and close to the track’s core meaning. Colourful and bittersweet, the delightful number includes genre-bending sections creating a diverse structure. Macy Todd has done it again and released a vibrant, timeless track. 

Listen exclusively below!