Lycio return with an exhilarating flow in ‘Cash’

Birmingham beauties Lycio have been likened to artists such as Rae Morris and Churches. Alt-pop electronica vibes transform negative airwaves into a blessed positive atmosphere. Identified as ‘Ones to Watch for 2019’ by BBC Introducing West Midlands, it’s no surprise, as the trio are destined for greatness. 

Straight to the point and in your face, the upbeat number will be a hit for live shows. A big arrangement for an ever bigger track. You can hear many sub genres within the track, one even being described as industrial. Imagine London Grammar having a songwriting sesh with Björk… Cool huh?The one thing that stands out the most is the originality within the track. It’s like nothing I’ve ever heard before. There’s something REAL here and the bouncy track is definitely going to get the recognition that it truly deserves.

Front woman Mendez stated; “I’m sure you can guess what ‘Cash’ is about. It’s all in the title. Living in a capitalist world, we all want nice things; we all want a little more cash to spend. It’s amazing that one way or another, all of us are broke. I’m pretty damn broke, and friends who earn four times as much as me complain about being broke. We always want it, we always need it, no one’s got it.”

To hear the track exclusively, listen below.