Forget about the Bad Times with Loneborn’s powerful new single

A combination of a producer with many years in the industry songwriting and a graphic designer who coloured musical ideas? Meet Raul Garcia and Jonathan Tuckler or in other words, Loneborn. As a duo, they haven’t been around a while, but in the short amount of time, they’ve made a statement. With a strong discography sat behind them, they’re back with what may be their catchiest track yet. 

To begin with, “Bad Times” started out as a challenge for the duo to write a song with a pulsating drum rhythm inspired by latin music. It’s subject deals with making mistakes while in love but still being positive enough to move on from it. “If you’ve gotta go I don’t wanna know nothing about it, I just wanna forget about the bad times” plays the main hooklike and good luck trying to get that out of your head anytime soon! Overall, it’s energy automatically makes it a dance floor hit that will get you humming along to the melody. 

Loneborn had this to say on the track;

“Bad Times is about cutting through the noise and making the best out of making mistakes and putting them in the past. Celebrate your screw ups and move on.”

There we have it, move on from the past, live in the now and look forward to the future because it holds new Loneborn music!