Dreamy, surf rock “Living” is Liquid Time’s latest psychedelic creation

Taken from Liquid Time’s forthcoming EP due out late October, “Living” delivers a spacious arrangement coated with a deep lyrical message. Liquid Time have spent the first half of 2019 gigging across Sydney, supporting numerous bands and playing their own headline shows. With a east coast of Australia tour book in November, 2019 looks to be the band’s biggest year yet. Bringing psychedelia to the table, the new track takes you through a rainbow’s wormhole. Listening to the track, it’s like you’re on drugs, but just without the drug intake! 

“Living is about those intense moments where you’re stuck in your own mind, unable to break free from the train of though that’s clouding you. We wanted to make the song break away from the intense themes and made it an up beat and energetic song with a serious undertone” says the band.

Musically, it identifies with contagious guitar melodies and a wide reverb throughout all the instruments. Featuring a wall of noise, the blissful number washes all doubts away and indicates the start of a new journey for the band. Nudging bands such as Tame Impala and Pond, the alternative soundscape Liquid Time has created is simply a vision of gold. It’s the ‘go to track’ that you should show your friends and family. Looking to be a rollercoaster ride to the top for the quintet, they’re certainly ‘living’ as the best versions of themselves. Keep doing what you’re doing guys, because you’re creating absolutely killer music!