Motivating listeners with their inspirational message, this is Limón Limón’s latest release ‘Ride Out’

Future Indie duo Limón Limón fuse a powerful message with killer instrumentation in new number “Ride Out”. Composed of Jason (Vocals/Guitar/Bass) and Rand (Keys/Synths/Drums), the LA based two piece gel indie pop with a fresh face of electronica. Blending past memories, future hopefuls with the present moment, the motivational new track is a serious soundscape that will have you floating with joy. 

“Ride out was one of the very first tracks we ever wrote for Limón Limón. It truly encapsulates the feel-good vibes we are trying to generate as a band.  This song is about breaking away from routine and going somewhere unexpected. We wanted to capture that feeling of going down a new path and heading out into the great unknown.” 

With their debut EP set to surface in November, ‘Ride Out’ is the second single from the band. Featuring a highly elevating context, the captivating sound is truly unique. Layering digital tech over infectious lyrics, the feel good number has seriously took the band up another level. Grabbing hold of your attention and not letting it go, the spontaneity in the tracks builds a stable arrangement. In their finest form, this band are set to shoot straight for the stars if they have more bangers like this one. 

Listen below to the inspirational number.