Securing an anthem as your debut single can sometimes be tricky, but not for Liam Maye. Listen to the breathtaking “Take It All” exclusively below!

Swiss-American singer songwriter and producer Liam Maye is here with a sensational amount of presence in debut track “Take It All”. After starting off writing songs at 15, the now 21 year old has spent the time getting ideas onto paper and for our ears to hear. Inspired by an eclectic mix of influences from The Weeknd’s production sound, Michael Jackson’s presence when he performed and the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s overall energy, Liam embraces his own originality while sticking to his roots.

“To me ‘Take It All’ is about learning to trust someone. Like, when you’re into someone and you don’t really know how it’s gonna turn out. It’s about giving someone the power to have an impact on your life and then seeing where that takes you. I wrote about this, because sometimes I found that I was afraid of letting someone close to me on an emotional level. That may lead to missing out on opportunities that could eventually become something very meaningful. It’s really about trying to give someone everything and then seeing what they do with it.”  – Liam Maye

With his debut EP set to release later this year, “Take It All” showcases Liam’s passion right down to a tee. For the first minute and a small section, the track sticks to a minimalistic approach that loops an infectious drum beat. Liam’s vocals ache in vulnerability to begin with, until the full arrangement kicks in. As Liam screams “tear me apart”, the structure changes into a vibrant part, before it decreases back to its vulnerable ways. What makes this song so special is the rollercoaster ride of timbres. You can visualise the story just by listening. Also, there’s a music video coming out very soon!

A passionate debut from an astonishing composer.