Had just about enough of corporate life, spreadsheets and meetings about meetings? Have no fear, LegPuppy are here, and they’ve got the ‘Meds and Beer.’

South London’s enigmatic electro-post-punks LegPuppy continue their satirical attack on the modern world with their latest release ‘Meds and Beer,’ following on from the all too relatable ‘Selfie Stick Narcissistic.’ It’s a brilliant showcase for what they’re all about; humour, satire, and a whole lot of personality.

Described as “the absolute banger you need to soundtrack your soul-crushing commute” (La Staunton Reprezent Radio), ‘Meds and Beer’ unapologetically channels the band’s inner love for possibly the most prolific post-punks to come out of England, The Fall, and I think it’s fair to say it’s a track even they’d be proud to release. It’s stripped back, raw, and has a great sense of humour, oozing satire by the dozen in it’s repeated mantras that are just asking to be screamed out in unison on your weary commute. Or maybe even your boss’ face.

The video is the perfect accompaniment, following the corporate commuters as they dash away the 9 to 5 routine in favour of an excess of pints and raucous dance routines, all the while showcasing their PowerPoint skills. It looks like a whole lot of fun, and personally I’m quite tempted to sack off the day’s work and go grab a pint with them. Turn it up loud, and enjoy.