Somewhere in-between Trent Reznor, punk and Die Antwoord, the highly satirical and politically sharp LegPuppy birthed ‘Twit Machine

In a society that spends over 24 hours a week on average on their phone, your local friendly punks have rightly grown tired of a society that no longer engages.

Tackling this issue with a good dose of punk attitude and humour, South Londoners LegPuppy deliver an engaging, sonically diverse track with an even more entertaining video. This bunch reminds you not to take things too seriously, whilst simultaneously making you acutely aware of societies problematic behaviours – leaving you thoroughly engrossed and a little troubled.

And isn’t that what all punk groups do successfully? The key word being successfully; to pull off being entertaining and engaging without sounding bitter and all too serious. LegPuppy seem to be the perfect antidote to a society that is constantly glued to technology. We’re all guilty of it but at least we’re aware of it…that’s what we tell ourselves anyway, right? Maybe that’s what this lot are getting at, our reluctance to change our behaviour. Maybe they’re serious, maybe not, who knows? It’s all good time satirical punk with LegPuppy.

Check out the painfully relatable video featuring the band romping around London dressed in clown costumes, hands permanently holding a Twit Machine.