Relatable and full of a loving nature, Lauren Paige’s Boy in Blue will leave you with love hearted eyes.

Vibrant young artist Lauren Paige brings to the table a powerful pop inspired flow in latest single “Boy In Blue”. After the captivating success of her debut single “Simplicity”, the songstress is back to pour her heart out even more. Hypnotic backing vocals are looped throughout the track to create repetition of feeling low. A simple arrangement is made complex with the honest, expressive vocals which makes it a whole other level of personal. 

Lauren had this to say on the track; “Boy in Blue tells a romantic and powerful story of a girl longing for someone, who reaches a sense of empowerment by confronting her feelings. During the writing process, it was important to delve into delivering an emotional impact. The whole song was based around one of my vocal samples. It’s the repeated idea most apparent at the beginning of the song. A lot of my songs seem to follow the idea of using colour imagery to demonstrate the message, shown through one of my previous single ‘Velvet Rose.

I have been so excited to share this song, it’s one of my favourites as I think it is very unique. Boy in Blue was written with a close friend of mine and a very talented producer. I loved bringing the song to life in the studio – there was a real atmosphere, like we knew we were about to produce magic.”

Hearing a songwriter in her element and heart on her sleeve draws honesty to the atmosphere. Listen to Boy in Blue exclusively ahead of it’s release tomorrow.