With a clean state, Laureline’s ‘Wash’ is the leading single from the band’s upcoming album

Independent indie-pop trio fuse a singer-songwriter route with bold synths and vocal harmonies in their music. Laureline compliment an atmosphere fuelled of feelings and escapism’s. Diving into themes such as love and loss, the group surface visuals and hold your attention with their elevating melodies and use of space. With scenes of often dark lyrics and an intimate arrangement, Laureline contrast elements of the 80’s with their use of synth-pop. Now back with the leading single ‘Wash’ off their debut album, which is due for release tomorrow, the breathtaking soundscape will leave you simply breathless

“Wash is the only love song on the album. However, It doesn’t say “I love you” as much as it says “You unlock an overwhelming sense of love within me.” It felt important that, despite the album primarily exploring loss, the name came from a deep sense of love and gratitude.” – Laureline

Creating their own spacious soundscape, the dreamy track blends an ethereal arrangement while percussive instrumentation blankets around it. Featuring a killer production, the overall glow of the track is polished but it’s raw ability to tell a story will leave you on your knees begging for more. About living in cognitive dissonance, the powerful message in the humble number feels relatable and with the memorable melody, it’ll leave a mark in your head.