Back with their latest electronica track, feel “Invincible” with LaKyoto’s refreshing sound

Electronic pop band, LaKyoto describe themselves as ‘a new sound for an ‘old town.’ The old town being Edinburgh, where they’re from. Bringing life and colour to their studio recordings and also live set ups, LaKyoto is everything that the world lacks in at the moment… positivity and honesty. Influences drawn from Everything Everything and The Wombats, LaKyoto have their own flavouring and charisma. With radio play coming out of their ears, the band have had a fantastic journey. Climbing the staircase to the top, we’re so proud to have this exclusive at Born Music. Back with latest single “Invincible”, could I say anything else about how they bring positivity?…

Empowering and uplifting, “Invincible” will simply make you feel like you can fly. I wouldn’t advise trying that though. Alternative pop filled with an electronica arrangement? Someone get this song on Radio 1 already! Addictive and a song that won’t be leaving your head any time soon, LaKyoto have definitely scored an instant feel good track. The boys had this lovely message to share “Honoured to have Born Music Online premiering our brand new single “Invincible” we have been fans of the “DiscoverTheUndiscovered” Spotify playlist for well over a year now, thank you BMO.” 

Aw! We love you guys too! Check out “Invincible” exclusively below.