Songbird Kit Major returns with her electrifying art-pop number “Pray 2 Pop”

Blending a beautiful sultry vocal tone with dark synthesisers, what’s not to like about Kit Major? Influenced by pop culture and artists such as Lady Gaga and Billie Eilish, ‘Pray 2 Pop’ is the follow up to Kit’s previous single ‘Lost in My Head”. Electronic and receiving a bright sparkle throughout, the playful new single showcase Kit’s darker side to the pop-star.

“I’m really excited about this song because it’s the most me song I’ve written thus far. I put a lot of my personality into the writing and storytelling. It’s about someone who is tired of praying for fame and fortune and feel that their only option is to sacrifice themselves to the devil in order to achieve their hopes and dreams aka Jennifer’s Body.

This song is playful but still reflects my time as an artist running around Los Angeles so it’s got that glamorous getting ready vibe with friends and a chorus you can sing to in the car” states Kit.

Overall, the track features a dark message. With it’s complicated arrangement, it indicates that feeling of the ‘devil on your shoulder’. There’s something sinister and scary-like about the track that will lift you out of your seat onto some sort of dance floor. It’ll bite you with it’s electricity and energy, it’s like Lady Gaga’s early rebellion phase mixed with a warming production. Kit’s killer originality flares throughout the track and this lady is soon to become a household name. You heard it here first, Kit Major’s Pray 2 Pop screams with personality. A stand out song from a songwriter that just keeps on giving.