Previewing their upcoming record, ‘I Cared’ is an aggressive yet vulnerable new track from Canadian “teen (and preteen) sensations” Kingdom of Birds.

Canadian rock group Kingdom of Birds have released their brilliant new song ‘I Cared’, premiering here on Born Music today.

Ása Berezny of the band says; “I wrote it probably around two years ago but I think at the time I just started to really get into Radiohead and was really inspired by Jonny Greenwood’s guitar playing”, with ‘Just’ inspiring the song’s contrastingly explosive chorus.

The track follows ‘Tired’ as the second single from their “soon-to-be-released album” Pretty, which “has a mixture of catchy hooks, dark melodies, and a bit of punk rock!”

The band are made up of Ása Berezny (14 y/o), Sam Heggum-Truscott (10 y/o) and Zeul Mordasiewicz (14 y/o) and they are definitely ones to watch.