Meet Karis Owen’s “Atlantic Girl” – she’s sweet, colourful and she’s oceans apart from her love

New York based Alternative Rock trio, Karis Owen are moving up the ladder fast and furiously (no pun intended). Fun nature of the trio shines like a shooting star throughout their discography. A bag of tricks and influences, the inspirations of the band’s list goes on. Think of a sound that blends The 1975 with Selena Gomez, but with the bundle of joy that Panic! At the Disco bring to the table. Fiercely reaching our screens, brace yourself for impact, “Atlantic Girl” is going to be a hit.

Instant funk vibes. Sounds like something that would be perfect for the Black Mirror Episode ‘San Janipero’. It’s well crafted with a subtle 80’s nudge. Refreshing instrumentation features a killer drum pattern and a bass line that will tingle all your senses. In your face kind of vocals, lead singer Kyle Therrien has a strong voice that can’t be ignored. Why would you want to ignore it anyway? In conclusion, the track really is what you would call a ‘banger.’ 

Here’s what the band had to say on the track; “The recording process for “Atlantic Girl” began during a sort-of songwriting retreat we took last summer in the Smoky Mountains.  Our last single, “North Caroline” was part of the retreat, too.  We wrote the instrumental and recorded the drums there and finished the rest up at Kyle’s studio, Railroad Park Recording Company, in Westport, Massachusetts. 

Lyrically, the song explores the longing and anxiety you feel being in a long distance relationship, or “oceans apart.”  We were totally feeling an 80s sort of vibe with this song and the recording process was amazingly fun and relaxed – Kyle left the room for 5 minutes during recording and Sean was like “grab the bass!” so I recorded the bass to the heavy bridge part. That’s just how we roll, I guess…Totally relaxed, fun, and awesome experience being in the studio and writing music with these guys. I love it.”

Listen below to “Atlantic Girl”