The world’s falling apart? Whatever, there’s a new June Swoon track so it’s not all bad!

American singer-songwriter June Swoon resides in Los Angeles. Marking her debut record with a sensational single to go with it, “Whatever Ever After” is filled with girl power. Taken off the upcoming LP “This Town Could Be Big Enough for the Both of Us”, the new number exclaims the feeling of tiredness when disappointed. Even though it holds onto exhaustion, the uplifting arrangement travels us back to the nostalgic period of the 90’s.

“There’s something really empowering about admitting you’re disappointed, rather than continuing to pretend to be happy. The scenes of silence over fancy dinners to crying yourself to sleep next to an unaware partner. THESE are daily realities for many people in relationships. When you decide you’ve had enough, it allows you to pursue something different, even if you don’t know what it is yet.
I wrote the chorus in my car – how I often start to write a song – before later adding the full band arrangement. I was surprised at how joyful and cathartic the music felt, under words like, ‘In whatever ever after, I’ll be alone as ever.’ Calling it like it is feels good, even when things are less than ideal…almost like a doll waking up.”

A mix between HAIM and Liz Phair, the attitude that June delivers through her vocal tone is simply gorgeous. Adding layers of distortion to the instrumentation, the hypnotic number feels like clouded fog in the middle of a dream. Blending an empowering message while holding onto the fatigue, the result of the two is a beautiful texture. Alternative rock, pop and shoegaze, you can’t really label the track, and why would you want to! It’s in it’s own category… an anthem.

“Whatever Ever After” is available to stream exclusively below.