Breanda Fedie Photography

‘Good Things’ come to those who wait… well, you’ve waited… listen to the track exclusively below!

With his music being featured on Netflix series On The Block and BBC Radio 1 to name a few, JSPH has created a warming fanbase over the past 4 years. Streaming sites like Spotify have hit millions of listens on JSPH’s music. With a good head on his shoulders, the law grad student, now songwriter is just about to drop his most exciting track to date; ‘Good Things.’ 

Beginning with strange modulation of different frequencies that blesses all common ground. The feel good song develops into a mature growth of happiness. Nostalgic memories will float to your head with moments reminding you of R&B artists Missy Elliot, Akon & Drake. Originality pours through with JSPH’s soul approach to the music. Taking influences from oldie goldies Sam Cooke and Prince, you can hear something really fresh within his music. Precious production done by DJ Corbett, here’s what JSPH had to say on the track… The best things in life are rarely “things”. I wanted this song to be reflective of being in moments where we come to that realisation. Those times you’re in a vibe with someone you always feel at ease around.”