Tyler Krippaehne Photography

Full speed ahead for Joel Ansett with his latest ethereal single ‘Slow Down’

Based in Denver and currently unsigned, Joel Ansett delivers a perfect blend of R&B with Folk-Pop. Drawing influences from One Republic to Bill Withers, Joel is back with latest single “Slow Down”. Best way to describe the tune would have to be that Joel is simply not slowing down anytime soon. Timeless and somewhat delicate, the latest single is the first single from his upcoming album. 

Dynamically, the song doesn’t shift to a big built up part, making the imagery of slowing things down perfect. Cleverly written and arrangement, the single is a fascinating approach to what ‘taking some time out to reflect’ may sound like.  If the album is anything like this track, we’re in for one hell of a journey.

I spoke to Joel about the track and he had this to say on the track…

The idea for this song really started a few years ago with a Dallas Willard quote that punched me in the gut. He said “you must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.” When I read that I stepped back and thought about how little margin I had in my life for resting and unhurried time. And I’m not talking about resting via a Netflix binge, I’m talking about just being still. My days and weeks move so quickly from thing to thing and that quote made me realize the toll it was taking. 

That lifestyle was pushing a subtle but steady message that my value is exclusively in what I am able to produce or create, and that mindset had started to poison my art. I had started writing to prove my worth in some ways and creating for people’s approval.

I wrote this song about that internal struggle and about the voices in my life who counter that message.  And writing songs FROM a place of approval feels much better than writing songs FOR approval. 

Listen now to the fragile but enchanting new track.