Highly energetic, ‘Dance in the Rain’ features Jess Chalker’s best performance yet

Gripping you in with it’s dance based core, grammy winning songwriter Jess Chalker returns with the ethereal “Dance in the Rain”. Musically stemming from a jam, the track celebrates the risk of taking leaps from things that bore us in life. Chasing our dreams and what we love entirely devotes us to the positive side of the world. Jess does exactly that within the latest number. Drawing influence from artists such as Florence & the Machine and Kate Bush, it’s no wonder that Jess has been called a promising artist and simply one to watch.

Jess told us; Lyrically, Dance in the Rain was written during a time where I was feeling pretty unsettled. I was spending a couple of months of the year working from LA as a songwriter, the rest working a corporate job in Sydney that I loved, but it was all-consuming. I felt really split in two: my relationships were suffering, time was racing, and time for my own creativity was seemingly lost. I had insomnia, anxiety and was stressed all the time.

My partner and I both felt like something had to give. We ended up packing up our life and moving (unexpectedly) to London not too long after that, which allowed me to re-centre. I suppose this song feels joyful to me as it reminds me of how quickly things can change for the better if you let them. And that the best things in life often feel like the craziest too… but usually, they’re worth it.”

Produced by Jess and Nathan Cunial, some additional production and mixing was done by Rob Wilkes (Foals, Florence & the Machine). As the song progresses, you really feel Jess’ emotions of packing up her life and moving to London. Featuring joyful vibes but also vulnerability, the track showcases that sometimes when things seem dark, music is always there to light up your life. With it’s infectious production and charisma, this is the song to show to all your friends and family.