Dreamy. Delectable. Catchy. What more could you want from the Missouri natives, Jailbox?

Self describing their music as “spacey-foggy-textured” you’d be right in thinking that this isn’t just any old music. There’s much more depth to this than you might think upon first listen.

‘A Fork Inside’ is their first track for 2017, and it is a pure banger. Imploding them into the stratosphere, ‘A Fork Inside’ considers the marks left on each of us, both seen and unseen, whatever they may be.

Evoking comparisons to The Japanese House and Ocean Leaves, the track itself has been through a couple of iterations. “Each time this song resurfaced, it was never exactly how we left it. It could differ in sound, texture, or somehow try to evoke a completely different feeling” they explain, adding “it was like the old friend you haven’t seen in a while.”

The weight of the perpetual thinking of what could’ve been, falls especially heavy on the first half of the track, as the vocals compliment the ever-growing synths that push the song to its limits.

It’s not just music that’s keeping Jailbox busy however, as they’re currently developing their own language and have recently put together an art festival in their hometown of St Louis, the festival combined both music and visual art.

Listen to ‘A Fork Inside’ above and keep an eye out for more releases.