Fusing old school hip hop vibes with a famous classic rock sample, Hunnid’s “Lonely At The Top” features the fresh flavour of Streetz

Award winning urban artist Hunnid is currently based outside of Chicago. Showcasing that he’s diverse, he fuses all types of genres to create his full of life sound. Ranging from hip-hop, to R&B and Rap, “Lonely At The Top” features a rather famous sample. ‘Eleanor Rigby’ by The Beatles serenades us with it’s memorable hook line, while Hunnid delivers an infectious performance throughout. 

“I just wanted to defy the concept of it being lonely at the top. It’s crazy how this track started as a ode for Streetz and I. Now it’s a tribute to him, Long live Streetz!” stated Hunnid.

Stating that it can be lonely even if you’re at the top of your game, the relatable avenue this song brings directs to the light. Showcasing there’s light at the end of the ‘lonely’ tunnel, the arrangement comforts us while we’re in the dark. As for the instrumentation, it brings different communities together to be one big family. Featuring the insane talent freestyle arrangement from Streetz, the duo compliment one another with their pure honesty. We hope they collab again at some point, they’re simply a dream team!