The Birmingham duo bring a juxtaposition of emotions to their newest outing ‘Honey’…

Having built up a reputation for creating hauntingly beautiful indie songs, Birmingham duo Hunger Moon have extended their reach with their new outing ‘Honey’.

Following their previous single ‘Feel It Sometimes’ and their stunning debut ‘Oh Friend’, ‘Honey’ brings a touch of brightness to their repertoire despite the otherwise heavy subject matter. Fluid guitar and piano weave throughout their intertwining vocals, as smatterings of percussion increase a subtle intensity as the track closes to a climax. Led by the emotively captivating voice of Natalie Jenkins, the track practically tugs at the heartstrings.

“We wrote the track in the days after hearing of the death of Prodigy frontman Keith Flint, the suddenness of which seemed to really resonate with us as musicians,” shares James Attwood of the inspiration behind the track. “Though our most upbeat track yet, ‘Honey’ is an exploration of male suicide from the perspectives of two people; one person who, beaten, feels like they have only one way out, and another who wants to do everything in their power to save the other, but knows companionship may not be enough to save them.

“We’re very proud of ‘Honey’ and it has a special place in our hearts.”

‘Honey’ is released May 31st. Listen to the track on Soundcloud now.