The bolshy London foursome debut their killer new single

Heard of How’s Harry? You will soon, as today the band share their killer new single ‘Gathering Storm’! Building on their previous releases ‘Owl’ and ‘In Absence We Must Trust’, ‘Gathering Storm’ marks a stellar return for the four-piece following a ten month absence working on new material.

Bolshy and bold with an underlying funk groove, ‘Gathering Storm’ mixes punchy beats with rollocking guitar riffs with an anthemic sing-a-long chorus marking it as a soon-to-be fan favourite at their live shows!

“We’re really proud of ‘Gathering Storm’ and we really hope people enjoy it,” state the band. “There’s a little bit everything for people in there, funky beats, big riffs and hooks! Whilst the lyrical content isn’t necessarily optimistic (it’s essentially about doing things even though you know there can never be a “happy ending”) we wanted the music to be driving and positive, especially in the chorus.
“We actually started this song with the baseline and built it from there we wanted something squelchy, warm and 80’s that would sit nicely with big drums and all the little percussive flourishes on the track. We think it’s a big old tune and we want people to just get down and have a good time to it.”
Listen to ‘Gathering Storm’ now.