Straight from their upcoming EP Slim Street 45s, Pt.1. we are so stoked to premiere Hot Collars new track, ‘No Money No Problem’.

We recently fell in love with them, via their last release ‘Vegas Baby’, (listen here) their danceable, summery music is enough to charm its way into anyone’s ears, trust us. Fan of Bad Sounds? Then you’ll most probably really like Hot Collars.

It gets to that certain time of year and everyone wants music to soundtrack BBQ’s, summer road trips and general fun in the sun. That’s exactly what Hot Collars are giving us here in new track ‘No Money No Problem’, lighthearted, upbeat and filled with that optimism that the sunshine evokes in everyone.

They’re proving that they have a talent for creating infectious earworms, surrounding them with refreshing, tropical electronic sounds, meshed together with nostalgic touches to create something truly unique. If there was ever an act to keep your eye on, these would be it.