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‘Party of One’ isn’t all as it seems. Take a look into the bones of Holander’s latest masterpiece

LA glitter queen, Holander is creating a buzz with her infectious latest party anthem “Party of One”. With this being the third release of 2019 for the songwriter, it’s been a busy but productive few months. Exploring the corners of indie pop with a grunge element striking her aura, the pop-star sings about a topic that songwriter’s don’t usually address like this…

“This song is about masturbation which is funny if you know me. I’m pretty subtle in my sexuality. It’s something that I’m still exploring every day. This song is as much for mas as it is for you. We should never be afraid to love our bodies and ourselves, whatever that means to you” – Holander

There we have it. With a sexual innuendo, it embraces vulnerability in a completely different light. Musically, it isolates around a synth based arrangement as well as a strong empowering message. I just have to say as well, what a killer chord progression it features. It’s a warm gesture towards the LGBTQ community and will be a strong song throughout Holander’s career.