Take an exclusive listen into the creative world of Hannah Evans. Here with latest single “Slowly”, it will captivate your heart instantly

Brighton based electro pop artist Hannah Evans may only be 20 years old, but she stole our hearts with the breathtaking debut single “Under Water”. Returning with the dark pop anthem, “Slowly” is one for Billie Eilish and Becky Hill fans. Bringing her own flavouring to the table, remember the name Hannah Evans because within what feels like a matter of months, she’ll be at the top. 

Distinctive, the new track will be your go to song to ‘feel’ something. Lyrically, the song may be simple but the complexity of the arrangement makes it a fiery type of unique. Just over the half way point, the song turns into a type of ‘trap’ inspired section. Can’t be mistaken, the section really does make the song feel a whole next level of ambition. 

“Slowly is twisted and more haunting than my debut Under Water, but still carries just as much of a dark message. It’s about the struggle between what you want to do and what you know is right.”

Listen to the track exclusively below and make sure to keep an eye on Hannah’s socials for upcoming releases.