Coated in a dream essence of grunge pop, Gold Baby returns with the vulnerable 500/1

Armed with a crazy amount of wonderful songs, Siân Alex found fellows musicians to help create her stories with music. As a quartet, the collective serve a juicy attire of indie-pop mixed with a dreamy grunge element. Back with “500/1”, we see the band deliver a wide range of influences and to describe their sound? It’s like Fiona Apple had a beer with Kurt Cobain in the 90’s and Gold Baby were created.

“500/1” tells a story of chatting to your younger self and speaking about what things you should have done differently. Polished but showcasing imperfections within the cracks, the rawness of the collective are complimented with their crazily good songwriting. 

Unusually for us, the music was pretty fully formed before the lyrics came for this one, and we had a sense of what the song was trying to say before finding the words to say it. I was ruminating quite vividly on this idea of showing a younger version of myself around a life that hadn’t panned out the way that I’d imagined. Generally my songs don’t represent how I feel globally, but rather strive to capture the feelings that take hold of all of us from time to time, in all of their honesty and ugliness.’

Listen to the track now, release date; 10th July.