‘Tell Me Who to Be’… be like Glom!

Brooklyn based indie rock band, Glom, compliment each other with great ease. 5 piece band’s surely can be hard to maintain and hear everyone’s opinions, but when all your heads are in the game, you know you’re onto something special. With 90’s elements in their music, chorus effects blossoming through our speakers, ‘Tell Me Who to Be’ is vibrant with all the necessities for a great track. 

Americana vocals compliment a fuzzed out sound, beginning an ‘original’ bond that the band will make stronger and stronger. 80’s esque production vary between the doom and gloom of the 90’s sound. Short but very much sweet, we’re loving the simple arrangement and message behind it. Repetitive nature suits the track perfectly as it could mean that someone’s repeating themselves to pressure the other person to be exactly what they want. Repeating yourself and going over an idea a few times can lead to finding the solution. To sum up the track in a nutshell, here’s what the band had to say on the track;“Tell Me Who to Be is a song about reflection and growth through repetition. The pristine production makes the relatively short song feel bigger than its mantra-like lyric and etherial instrumental. They portrayed the meaning impeccably. Can’t wait for more music.