A plea to remember that we’re all more similar than different, Gizmo Varillas wants us to unite on new track ‘One People’. 

Following the release of ‘Losing You’ back in January, ‘One People’ is the second single to come from his second album Dreaming of Better Days, set for release later this year on July 6th via Musica Records.

Speaking on the track Varillas says: With all the divisive narratives going around today I think it’s important to remember we all are more similar than different. This song is a plea to remember that, to quote the song… ‘If not us, who will?”

Gathering the reputation for ‘feel-good’ music, though the subject matter of his songs is anything but light and frilly that the statement of ‘feel-good’ evokes. He readily admits that he enjoys juxtaposing joyous melodies with recognition of life’s grimmer elements. “I like the idea,” he says, “of sad lyrics with happy music. It balances things out’.

The upcoming album, Dreaming of Better Days is set to acknowledge mankind’s darker sides and seeks to find light therein.