You know that feeling when your heart skips a beat when you’re new favourite artist releases a new track? Well, this is it.

Girls Named Jennifer have the type of sound that will make you long for the good old days. Don’t look back because the past can always haunt us in some ways. Breaking through the darkness, they’re here to prove that you can reminisce but still stay present. With this being their first release of 2019, GNK already have a debut album and a number of singles up their sleeves. Back with “The Feeling’s Back Again”, us lot at Born Music are drawn into the production and mesmerising songwriting ability.

Dusted with a heavy 80’s production, the vocals play a big part in the song. Played with a repetitive nature, you won’t be getting this tune out of your head for a while. Delicately cleansed with all the instrumentation being suited for an electronic pop track, it really is a hit. Here’s what the collective had to say on the track…

“The Feeling’s Back Again is off the upcoming album “RecCollections” due out this summer.  It’s about missed opportunities and recognising new ones when they’re in front of you so that you don’t make the same mistake twice. But we do, don’t we?”

Listen to the single exclusively now.