Channelling her bad side from all the way out in LA, the aptly named Girl Wilde, rising alt-pop artist has released her latest single, featuring dense electronica and wistful riffs.

Her latest release features unrelenting heavy melodies like a moodier, present projection of Grimes. It shares a similar sonic vision to that of Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster, oozingdark and energetic electronica thats got a gnarly hook.

The self-appointed bubble-gum grunge artist, Girl Wilde, sings about all of those powerful feelings we feel when considering the influence of our ‘bad side’; it’s infinite allure and power. These feelings are reflected in her lyricism, ‘I know that you love my bad side, makes you tick, can’t resist…’ with linear sentiments of power and desire.

More than capable of producing a pop hit, Girl Wilde clearly demonstrates her ability to pierce the pop world without necessarily conforming to the expectations of it. You could accredit this to the company she keeps – or just her general badassery. Girl Wilde oozes femme empowerment and frequently surrounds herself with other women. It’s no surprise that this track encourages you to embrace your inner bad girl.

Take a listen, indulge your Bad Side with our girl today.