It’s hard not to be fond of Brighton’s Fond Of Rudy… and we’re delighted to be premiering what they’ve got ‘Next’ in store.

The “calpyso-pop” four-piece outfit formed in Brighton/London and have been stirring taste-maker attention ever-since with their glistening pop melodies that bring heart and emotion at their core. Fond Of Rudy attempt to create and encapsulate a state-of-mind, and when you combine that with undeniably catchy hooks, 80s stylism and crisp production, you’ve got a recipe for great music.

‘Next’ is the latest release from the quartet, showcasing their signature songwriting sensibility:

“We wrote this song for anyone contemplating serious issues in life, it’s decorated to be a happy alt pop track with it’s melodic layers…however If you scratch a little under the surface and engage in the lyrics, you can find some deeper meaning –  humans self destruct sometimes through no fault of their own, but they are too blinded to see it for themselves.”

Drenched in smooth electronics and minimalist, soft percussion, the track is both comforting and assertive, like a stern but friendly hand urging you towards the right decision. It’s a stirringly poignant release from the four-piece that holds an astute emotional dichotomy; combining a certain nostalgic sadness but looking forward with bright eyes and a self-assured positivity.

Also, Fond Of Rudy’s Matt Ahwal is a “big fan of Imogen Heap” and understandably, the band gave her “a shout in production in this track.” You’d be hard-pressed not to find her harmonised vocoder influences permeating the vocal delivery, giving it the same ethereal quality that the songstress is so known for.