Richard has a weird laugh, Archie has a weird haircut and Harry has an extremely long neck” meet Fick As Fieves, we’re premiering their new track ‘INSOMNIA’ for you today, and boy, is it something.

Full of energy, this indie-rock three-piece, have actually known each other for a whole decade, despite only forming the band a little over a year ago. ‘INSOMNIA’ is all about “personifying something that you really shouldn’t be doing no more, like negative vices, and the troubles that they can bring, keeps you up at night and turns you into a bit of a sleepless oddball” Harry explains.

From Suffolk/Essex way, they find the music scene is great, “there are plenty of brilliant bands, but they’re all, so far, spaced apart. Sometimes it can feel like you’re the only local band in the area, which is good ‘cause all our mates make the effort to come to our gigs and get rowdy.”

They’re playing Maui Waui Festival, Big Gig and they’ve just played Bearded Theory festival where Madness headlined. For such a new band, they’ve had their fair share of gig adventures, having travelled and gigged in London, Hertfordshire, Derbyshire and Newcastle so far.

They have around five new tracks ready for release already, they tell us, so definitely keep your eyes open. “We record in my basement and get our tracks mixed and mastered by Colchester based sound engineer Tom Donovan,” Harry explains. They’ve had INSOMNIA bounding around in their live sets for a while now, “it has been pulled apart and perfected” and now it’s ready for us all to appreciate in full.

We’d say sit back, relax and enjoy, but this isn’t really the type of song for that, so… maybe stand up, blast it out and have a bit of a dance, yeah?