‘Left Alabama’ to become the future of Neo Soul…

Canadian R&B singer Emily Chambers quit her day job to take on music full time. She’s released her first solo EP, toured the US twice in a camper van and is about to drop her new single ‘Left Alabama,’ all since 2016. If that’s not being productive, then I don’t know what else is. Drawing influences from artists such as Stevie Wonder, Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo, it’s Emily’s voice that we instantly fall for. The attitude that she portrays is a perfect example of a woman enjoying every aspect of what she does best. 

“An enticing intro to the direction Chambers’ is heading with a nod to her soulful roots. Sexy and fun with a laid back vibe, the production is a beautiful balance of Neo-Soul meets Contemporary Rhythm & Blues. Live drums, acoustic piano and trumpet soar between synth bass and strings, bridging the gap between new age and classic R&B.”

Bringing the Motown vibes to 2019 is something that wasn’t expected but was truly needed. If this doesn’t end up on a rom-com film this year, I’ll flip. Summer feel good song for early January, 2019 is going to be a superb year for Emily.

Here’s a sneaky preview before the official release tomorrow;