Out worldwide tomorrow, ELLiS·D’s new single  ‘Homecoming Queen’ draws a deeper meaning  throughout it’s bones

ELLiS·D is an up-and-coming Brighton based band that take on fear and hope in their unapologetically honest music. At sometimes, frantic lyrics behold their arrangement’s with a wistful amount of vulnerability. Back with their second single ‘Homecoming Queen’, the indie-rock number fuses an insecure aura while holding it’s own head firmly in the clouds.

‘Homecoming Queen is a song born out of a sense of dread for future generations… an apology letter in advance to those who will be left to live in a dying world. It centres around my own personal feelings of guilt towards wanting to have children in the future but knowing full well the dire circumstances in which they may have to exist.’ – ELLiS·D

As a whole, the song dives straight into a pot of anxiety. Telling the story of bringing children in a world filled with uncertainty, it feels like an ode to the powerful essence of the human brain. Considering it’s the band’s second single to date, they are definitely progressing in the right direction and will continue to release hit after hit. 

Set to play a few upcoming shows, you can see/hear the band live below;

The Pipeline – Brighton 30th October (Single Launch Show)
The George Tavern – London 12th November
Underbelly – London 27th November