Not only bold with her bright red hair, Ellie Grace returns with the daring single “Cascade”

Vibrant London based singer songwriter Ellie Grace uses her voice as her weapon of choice. Telling personal stories through a slick wave of different genres, she’s back with the captivating “Cascade”. Drawing influence from other honest artists such as Alanis Morissette and Taylor Swift, we hear Ellie with her heart on her sleeve in the latest single.

 ‘Cascade is a song I wrote about that feeling that we all know too well. When you know something, or someone, is no good for you and will probably have disastrous consequences, but it seems so exciting that it’s all you want. It’s definitely one of my favourite songs to play live, it’s fun.

Behind the angsty pop anthem, there’s a white rose starting to bloom. Hearing an artist completely be herself is enchanting within itself. Telling a relatable story of heartache, the arrangement around the track blossoms beautifully. Coated in an indie-pop production, with this being Ellie’s second ever single, we’re excited to see where her career goes. 

Drawn into Ellie’s gracious vocals from her previous single? Listen to the new single below before it’s even out! Don’t say we don’t spoil you!