We’ve all been there when you form a new relationship and you have to learn to adapt and share yourself with them, well… here’s a BANGER all about that!

All about “losing control in a space where you’re afraid, and realizing how worth it that can be,” Eli Sundae has given us a super infectious, interesting pop track to brighten up our Friday. Complete with many ‘ah-woo’s’, you’re going to struggle to get this one out of your head.
Speaking on the track Eli tells us: “I have never had a good night’s sleep in my life, and bedtime terrifies me.  To quell that anxiety, I make and re-make my bed five times a day.  So I’m always super scared to share my bed and my bedroom with someone new: they’re gonna judge me for being a Bed-Making-Nerd, and they’re gonna mess up my delicate blanket recipe with their stupid sexy body!”
Straight from their second record Eli Bloody Eli, an ‘idiot-rock’ EP all about road trips, homework, sleepovers and fear and was recorded last summer by lead guitarist and producer Danny Sullivan.