The Irish electronica artist returns with her cinematic new single…

Irish electronica artist Elaine Mai returns with her brand new single ‘When I Go’. Building on from release of her EP The Colour of the Night and the international praise for her previous thumping pop banger ‘Praise In The Cliche’, ‘When I Go’ sees Mai dial back the club vibe for a more cinematic soundscape.

The video itself captures the changeable permanence of nature, which itself highlights the inner turmoil that can at times surface throughout one’s life. “The video was shot at a lake about a ten minute walk from where I grew up in Mayo,” says Elaine. “It’s an amazing place to get some perspective, reconnect with nature and clear your head. It was the perfect place to shoot the video for this track and the video takes you on that journey from darkness into light.

“‘When I Go’ is about recognising when you’re not okay and then trying to take the steps to make things better. I wrote it at a difficult period in my life and working on it was a fantastic outlet during that time. There’s a line in the song ‘I have to lean on someone else when my time isn’t mine’ and I really think that’s how it is when you’re not feeling okay – it feels like your time isn’t your own.”

Watch Elaine’s cinematic video for ‘When I Go’ below.