Meet Edward Sansom, like many other musicians before him, he’s been making music from a very young age. “I don’t think I got into music, I think the music got into me.” He found that performing gave him the perfect outlet to truly express himself, which is why years later; he’s still at it. Bringing us new track ‘Fake’ (listen below).

Blending colourful 80’s pop with the darker melodic side of the 90’s, Sansom says he’s aiming to create “a melancholic euphoria”, sounds great, right? ‘Fake’ is an infectious installment, set to reflect the digital culture that we see today.

“The world we live in now has filters all over it” Sansom explains. “Do we know what ‘real’ is anymore? I’m tired of seeing fake people with rose-coloured filters over them.” An understandable feeling, which no doubt, many will be able to relate with.

Sansom reveals that he’s also ‘a little obsessed’ by the way that we can “fake it ‘til we make it”, “You can go on television, pretend you’re someone else and climb up the Monopoly. Go to the top parties, wear cheap gold, live in your overdraft, but everyone thinks you’re a success.”

Luckily for us, there’s also plans for a music video for ‘Fake’, working with his best mate Max Rose-Fyne, Sansom has informed us that the video is set to include “a hot bath, lipstick, a whole lotta sass and a continuation form the last video we did together ‘Livin’ It Up’, sounds pretty damn exciting, we for one will definitely be keeping our eyes open for it.

Once the video’s been released, Sansom plans to release follow up single ‘Hotel’, set for release in the summertime. Then he’ll be back in the studio to record some new material ready for a solo tour of Southern UK in late August/September, so, plenty of things to look forward to, ehy!

Sansom will be performing at The Great Escape this Thursday, for “The Great Escape Street Party. Then later this summer, he’s off to Glasto to perform on the Croissant Neuf Bandstand in the Green Fields.