We have a special one for you here, with music being a massive part of their upbringing, these four schoolmates have taken the desire to make their own music and put it into action. Meet Echo Beach, your new favourite band from Liverpool and their debut track ‘Athena’

Taking inspiration from Rick Astley and creating surfy, dream-pop sounds that will soundtrack both chilled out days, the lads describe it as “it’s pretty laid back, like us.”

Their debut track ‘Athena’ only came together for them over Christmas: “just before we went to Sugarhouse studios in January to record” they explain. “It marks a change in sound for us and we’re really proud of it! We’re all pretty excited to finally get it out there.”

The excitement is understandable too, as after just one listen to the Jaws-reminiscent sounds of ‘Athena’ will stir the excitement in you, we’re sure of it. Speaking more of their inspirations, attention is turned toward the city that surrounds them, Liverpool. “Inspiration is surrounding you in Liverpool” they explain, “Not only is the music scene excellently diverse and constantly happening, but the art scene is also very alive, too. I’d say we draw inspiration from a lot of what goes on around us, we often get friends to collaborate on our artwork etc.”

We know that ‘Athena’ is pretty great and you might be wanting more from Echo Beach already. So do not fear, for they have joint headline show with SPINN, SPLIT and Ry Vieira at The Magnet in Liverpool coming up that you should definitely not miss.