Dol Ikara is flying the nest with the beautiful single ‘Sparrow’

Second single from the ethereal artist, Dol Ikara, is everything you need for a gothic imagery. Currently based in Los Angeles, the project is for Claire Roddy to escape all her emotions onto paper. Influences coming from pioneering female bands such as Cocteau Twins & Mazzy Star, the poet pours her feelings through literature. Behold, an inventive songwriter that’s definitely going to just keep on giving to her fans is right in front of our noses.

Instant PJ Harvey vibes soar the air with a dark arrangement. Flattering slide guitar portrays a laziness, moody environment – it’s somewhat addictive to listen too. Attitude upon attitude of a careless nature unfolds, painting a blank canvas with Dol’s colour scheme. Here’s what Claire had to say on the track; “Sparrow” lives in a witchy, hypnotic, gypsy-like soundscape. The symbolism of the sparrow and it’s connection to Aphrodite evokes the power of womankind’s creative healing and generative capabilities. The salient lyrical line “you steep in her remedy now” advocates for the return to our collective basking in the female remedy in which we were born from. It’s high time to take respecting women to a whole new level.”

Feminism at it’s finest. Listen to the track below.