“I don’t wanna get it right” becomes a fantastic career move for Day Bit. Listen exclusively to the track below.

Fourth single from the Florida based Day Bit. Generating over the past 2 years the discography that’s led him to greatness, he’s back with a track that will stop you in your tracks. You can hear influences from lo-fi bedroom pop to even trap. It’s an exciting track with some memorable vocal melodies. 

It seems the song is about wanting to make imperfections to become the best version of yourself. Feels like an opposite effect in the production side, as it’s slightly more inhumane and too ‘perfect’ with the auto-tuned vocals. Hearing a track with so many genres mixed to create it is really something special. As human’s we are influenced by everything and hearing a songwriter in his element is fascinating. 

“i don’t wanna get it right” is the first track off the upcoming EP entitled “songs from my room”. The song came about pretty quick; it was written and tracked in a few hours with a friend/frequent collaborator Marcus Hidalgo. Exploring various influences for first time, “i don’t wanna get it right” marks the start of a new era of exploration and style for me.”